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Our Mission: Help companies grow their employees health

About us

Q.  Will Your Employees Have Better Health in Five Years Than They Have Today?

A. Yes, if they have the insight, knowledge and skills needed to defeat life's health-depleting forces and gain more health instead of more illness.  

Most of us are unaware that we follow paths which lead to more health or more illness. Our modern way of living obligates us to develop more illness. On the other hand, the High Health Network equips us--with insights, knowledge and skills--to take charge, break free from Modern Living's power and gain more health instead. 

The High Health Network is an engaging, inspiring and encouraging online community that enables individuals to come together to build more health. Members feel powerful, confident and in control as they learn and master a set of 7-Essential Skills for defeating life's health-depleting forces and growing more health. They also enjoy having high energy, functioning well in life and having less need for medical treatment.

From Classroom to Community

When like-minded people come together to build their skills in a community, magic happens. In the Network deep connections, meaningful interactions, and inspiring atmospheres transform learning into a rich multi-dimensional experience where members feel a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and support. Guided by passionate leaders and each other, mastering new skills becomes easy and confidence grows. Network members feel understood and cared for and all aspects of their experience is guided by the personal vision they have for their health.

A proprietary process ensures success and positive returns on business investments.

How it Works:

After a company joins the High Health Network their employees may join the Network Community. Inspired by caring experts, they explore new concepts, re-imagine what’s possible and meet like-minded people by completing the Quick Start course.

After the Quick Start course, In Real Life Labs, Events and other Network features become available, and members may pursue  Health Power certification by learning advanced skills.

Health Power certification recognizes degrees of mastery and reflects an individual’s ability to dispel false beliefs about health, defeat life's health-depleting forces and attain high levels of well-being. Certified members enjoy high energy and capacity, resistance to illness and little need for medical treatment.  


If your company wants to have employees with high levels of health and low health care costs, the High Health Network is for you.

We provide a private, focused, expert-led path. Ad-free, no distractions. Essential skills only.

All for less than a cup of coffee a day. Contact us and let us help you grow your employee's health.

Join for an investment of just $48.99 per person per year—less than $5 per month. Your basic network membership will be billed annually, and you can cancel anytime. From there you can upgrade to our Premium subscription and gain access to advanced features for building health power.

Because the investment is small, we do not offer refunds. Questions? See our FAQ, or call us at 919-782-4644.

If you could take control of your health—and life—with pocket change, why wouldn’t you?

We look forward to meeting you inside!