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Welcome to The High Health Network

Real health requires practice. Join our well-being practice community—the first ever of its kind.

About us

We're a small company with big ideas and one mission: Spread real health. 

Real health is now a business imperative. People need it for personal and professional success. Companies need it for a competitive edge. 

Our goal is to make it possible, easier, and affordable for people and businesses to produce their own real health. That's why we convened a panel of experts from across the country to create an effective collection of 500+ high health practices. 

Now we’re building the High Health Network to connect people and businesses with these practices, our experts, and each other. Our practice community is the first of its kind.

Why join us?

Inside is a place where you'll:

Experience exclusive content, new ideas, and new ways of seeing health you can't find anywhere else.  

Discover a rare, powerful set of practices for mastering the essential skills for health and well-being.

Begin developing a high health mindset.

Gain access to premium courses for practicing the skills that lead to high health and well-being (additional investment required).

Meet experts in high health who will guide you along an ad-free, distraction-free path.

Enjoy all the benefits of a focused practice community.

Meet people who share similar interests and seek similar results, including business leaders, innovators, makers, seekers, self-reliant mavericks, high health experts, and change agents.

Get a little expert perspective and inspiration every day.


We focus on companies and the workplace because real health spreads faster in group cultures. 

We welcome:

  • Companies ready to upgrade their wellness programs.
  • Business leaders who want a favorable return on investment and a competitive edge.
  • Human resources professionals who want to help their leaders and companies engage the best option for employee wellness.
  • And, for a limited time, individual employees who are deeply interested in their own health and would like to see their companies upgrade their support for employee well-being.

We provide a focused, expert-led path. Ad-free, no distractions. Essential skills only.

All for less than a cup of coffee a day. 

Join for an investment of just $48.99 per person per year—less than $5 per month. Your basic network membership will be billed annually, and you can cancel anytime. (Because the investment is small, we do not offer refunds. Questions? See our FAQ, or call us at 919-782-4644.)

If you could change your health—and life—with pocket change, why wouldn’t you?

We look forward to meeting you inside!

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