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Welcome to The High Health Network

Our Mission: Help people build health power

About us

We're a small company with big ideas and one mission: Help people build health power.

Health power is the ability to create personal energy, capacity to function well and resistance to common illnesses. 

Using a proprietary process, the High Health Network provides access to rare knowledge and methods, collaboration with like-minded people, collaboration with experts, and member feedback and encouragement that enables Network members to master the Seven Essential Skills required for high health and health power.

How it Works:

The High Health Network has two main spaces: the Home Base and the Master Track.

In the Home Base, members explore new concepts, re-imagine what's possible and meet like-minded people. The foundational concepts covered in the Home Base are instrumental for success in the Master Track.  

The Master Track is where members learn fundamental practices for building essential high health skills, practice these methods over time, and measure their skill levels for proficiency. This experience will include: 

  • access to the Springboard platform with over 500 high health practices, as well as real-time feedback and measurement tools, and
  • the opportunity to become Health Power certified at the 1, 2, and 3 levels.


If your business is ready to engage the best option for employee wellness, the High Health Network is for you.

We provide a private, focused, expert-led path. Ad-free, no distractions. Essential skills only.

All for less than a cup of coffee a day. 

Join for an investment of just $48.99 per person per year—less than $5 per month. Your basic network membership will be billed annually, and you can cancel anytime. From there you can upgrade to our Premium subscription and gain access to the Master Track for building health power.

Because the investment is small, we do not offer refunds. Questions? See our FAQ, or call us at 919-782-4644.

If you could change your health—and life—with pocket change, why wouldn’t you?

We look forward to meeting you inside!

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